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Minolta Freedom 200 autofocus 35mm camera

Minolta Freedom 200 autofocus 35mm camera

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The Minolta Freedom 200 (also sold as the Minolta AF-EII) is a well-designed and beginner-friendly 35mm point-and-shoot camera with very good image quality.   

This camera can either be powered by four alkaline AAA batteries (not included) or a CRP2 lithium battery (available as an option). Alkaline batteries are more economical and probably the best choice for most people but the lithium option offers very long life (perhaps worth it if you're on holiday and don't want to worry about changing batteries).

Condition notes

The camera was tested with a battery and film installed. All features are working correctly. We verified the film plane focus accuracy with an autocollimator and its auto-exposure accuracy using a calibrated light source. The camera is in very good cosmetic condition with some normal wear from use (see photos). 

Example photos

Here are some pictures that other people took with the Freedom 200/AF-EII:


  • Type: Compact autofocus 35mm camera
  • Lens: 35mm f/4,5 lens
  • Focusing: Infrared active-type autofocus with cancelable focus hold; range: 0,95m (3,1 ft.) to infinity
  • Exposure system: Subject-weighted metering: programmed automatic exposure (AE)
  • range at ISO 100: EV 9,6 to EV 16,2
  • Film-speed range: ISO 100 to 1000 DX-coded color negative film and ISO 100 or 400
  • DX-coded color reversal film; ISO 100 set when using films without DX coding Viewfinder: Bright-frame type with autofocus zone, red LED (flash-wait)
  • Film transport: Automatic threading, auto advance to first frame, auto winding, auto re-wind, and auto rewind stop
  • Flash system: Automatic charge activation; flash automatically fires in low light; red
  • LED illuminates if flash is not ready to fire
  • Power: 6V lithium battery pack (DURACELL DL223A, National BR-P2N), or four alkaline cells
  • Battery performance: DURACELL DL223A: 54 rolls, National BR-P2N: 40 rolls, alkaline cells: 20 rolls (Based on Minolta's standard test method, using 24-exposure film with flash on 50% of exposures)
  • Flash recycling: DURACELL DL223A: 1,2 sec., National BR-P2N: 2,4 sec., alkaline cells: 1,8 sec.
  • Dimensions: 132 x 69,5 x 48mm (5-3/16(W) x 2-3/4(H) x 1-7/8(D) in.)
  • Weight: 250g (8-13/16 oz.) without batteries
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