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Minolta Auto Electroflash 28

Minolta Auto Electroflash 28

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Note: the little plastic shoe stand shown in some of the pictures is not included.


The Minolta AutoFlash 28 is a simple but high quality flash with a tilting head. It's an excellent aesthetic match for Minolta SRT and XD series cameras but will work with any film SLR. It has a guide number of 28 meter at ISO 100. Both auto and manual (full power) modes are offered. 

Four AA batteries are required (not included). Unlike many cheaper units, this flash permits the use of rechargeable batteries for faster cycling times. 

Condition notes
This flash was tested with a Minolta camera and is working perfectly. A cable for connecting to PC sockets (for off camera use and for early SRT 101's which do not have hot shoes)


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