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Minolta AF101R Date 35mm point-and-shoot camera w/case and manual (serial 33602826)

Minolta AF101R Date 35mm point-and-shoot camera w/case and manual (serial 33602826)

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The Minolta AF101R is a elegantly designed, compact autofocus 35mm point-and-shoot camera from circa 1994. It features a good performing fixed wide-angle 28mm lens.

This is the version with an optional date imprinting feature (we installed the lithium battery required); the available years only go up to 2019 but you can set the time of day in hours and minutes to show up on your photos.

This camera requires two AA batteries (not included). The original case and manual are included.

Condition notes
We tested this camera with batteries and film installed and all features are working correctly (we did not develop the film however). In addition, we verified the camera's true film plane focus with an autocollimator. All functions are working correctly. The camera is in excellent cosmetic condition (see photos). The included case is in somewhat worn condition. 

Example photos
Here are some example photos that other people have taken with this model of camera:



  • Lens: 28mm f/5.6
  • Focusing: Infrared active-type autofocus; range: 1.2m (3.9ft.) to infinity
  • Shutter speed: 1 /125sec.
  • Film-speed range: ISO 100 to 400 for DX-coded negative film
  • Flash range (ISO 100): 1.2 to 3m (3.9 to 9.8ft.)
  • Recycling time: approx. 8sec.
  • Battery performance: Alkaline cells: approx. 20 rolls; (based on Minolta's standard test method, using 24 exposure film with flash on 50% of exposures)
  • Dimensions: 118(W) x 63(H) x 42(D)mm
  • (4-5/8 x 2-1/2 x 1-5/8in.)
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