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Minolta AF-S V "Talker" 35mm camera (serial 3118245)

Minolta AF-S V "Talker" 35mm camera (serial 3118245)

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The AF-S V "Talker" is a superb 80's Minolta point-and-shoot with illuminated auto-focus confirmation icons in its viewfinder (one of my favourite features in that generation of compact cameras) and an optional "talking" mode. 

When the 'talking' feature is switched on, the camera will warn you in a lo-fi voice to 'Load film!' if the film isn't loaded or 'check distance' if you're too close for a flash photo. The talking can be switched off when the novelty fades (after about five seconds for me), leaving you with a very nice conventional compact camera built around a sharp 4-element 35mm f/2.8 Rokkor lens. 

The film speed is manually set from ISO 25 to ISO 1000 by a dial around the lens.

Battery info

The camera requires two AA batteries (not included).

Vintage TV ad (English version)
(Note: the voice is much lower fidelity in reality!)

Example photos

Here are some pictures other people have taken with the Minolta AF-S V (also see photos for examples from the actual camera for sale):

Condition notes

The camera is in very good cosmetic condition (see photos) and is working perfectly. We film-tested this camera and it delivered sharp, correctly exposed photos. The only noteworthy flaw is that its lens cap does not stay on very well (this cap is almost always missing from these cameras and is not necessary).

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