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Lomo Smena Symbol compact 35mm camera w/ case

Lomo Smena Symbol compact 35mm camera w/ case

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The Lomo Smena Symbol (or Смена Символ) is a classic Soviet mechanical zone focus* 35mm camera. It's an unusual but quite elegant design that uses pictograms for both focusing and setting the exposure (distance numbers, shutter speeds, and conventional f-stops are shown too if you prefer to use an external light meter). The camera is equipped with a very capable T-43 40mm f/4 lens. 

While the Smena Symbol is generally quite straightforward to use, we'd recommend reading 'section 5' of manual linked below for instructions on how to load film into the camera (it's easy to mess this step up).

*'Zone focus' cameras use pictograms on the lens (and marked distances) to help you focus. In our experience it's a very simple and effective system that often yields fewer blurry shots than an autofocus camera. For this camera there are 4 presets: 1m is a head and shoulders portrait framing; 1.5m for head and torso portrait framing; 3m for full body portraits, groups of people and snapshots; and infinity for scenery. 

Condition notes
The camera is in very good cosmetic condition. In addition, it's functioning very well, firing at all shutter speeds. We verified the infinity focus and confirmed that the flash shoe is triggering correctly. The case is in overall good condition but the back rivet is a bit loose (it doesn't seem to affect its ability to stay closed).

Example photos



  • Film accepted, mm: 35
  • Picture size, mm: 24× 36
  • Picture number: 36
  • Lens: hard coated three-element anastigmat T-43:
  • focal length, cm: 4
  • relative aperture: f4
  • Shutter speeds, seconds: 1/250: 1/125:1/60; 1/30; 1/15s plus «B»
  • Distance scale from 1m to infinity (3.5 ft up to infinity)
  • Light sensitivity scale of photo. material from 16 to 250 GOST-ASA units or from 13 to 25 DIN units.
  • Thread diameter for the light filter mount, mm: 35.5

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