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Konica Zoom 1135N 35mm point-and-shoot camera (serial 6628975)

Konica Zoom 1135N 35mm point-and-shoot camera (serial 6628975)

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After going down a multi-hour research rabbit hole, we finally realized the mysterious Konica Zoom 1135N is basically a renamed Z-Up 110VP with subtle cosmetic changes and no date imprinting option. It's a great little camera with a number of handy features (eg backlight compensation, flash cancel, exposure compensation, and force infinity focus) and a 38-110mm zoom range. In addition, it meters a broad range of film speeds (ISO 25-3200) so it's a good choice for people who like the option of shooting with specialty films like Kodak TMax P3200.

This camera requires a CR123 lithium battery (available as an option).

Condition notes
The camera was tested with a battery and film installed and performed well (the film was not developed). We verified the camera's focus accuracy on an autocollimator. The camera is in excellent cosmetic condition (see photos).

Example photos 
Here are some photos that other people have taken with the Z-up 110 (which we believe is the same camera with only cosmetic differences):


  • Type: Fully automatic 35mm lens shutter camera with zoom lens
  • Format: 24 x 36 mm
  • Lens: Konica 38mm (F3.6) - 110mm (F10.6) zoom lens (5 groups, 6 elements) with built-in lens cover
  • Focusing: Non-scan active autofocus with infrared beam; shutter locks outside focusing range (green light blinks); focus lock and Infinity mode possible
  • Focusing Range: 0.8m to infinty
  • Shutter/Aperture: Electronically programmed with electromagnetic shutter release; serves as lens diaphragm; approx. 1 - 1/350 sec.
  • Exposure: Programmed AE with centre-weighted measurement by twin CdS light detectors
  • Auto Exposure Range: EV4 - EV16 at ISO 100
  • Exposure Compensation: +1.5 EV
  • Film Speed: DX auto setting for ISO 25 - 3200
  • Viewfinder: Real-image zoom viewfinder; autofocusing frames; close-up correction mark; magnification ratio: 0.4x - 1.1x; green lamp lights up for autofocus information; red lamp for flash information
  • Flash: Activated if light insufficient to avoid camera shake; operating range (for ISO 100 film) 0.8 - 5.3m at f = 38mm and 0.8 - 2.0m at f = 110 mm; Red-eye reduction; approx. 7 sec. recharge time
  • Mode Change Sequence: Flash Auto--> Red-eye reduction --> Flash On --> Night-view Portrait --> Flash Off --> +1.5 EV Exposure Compensation --> Infinity; selected mode displayed on LCD
  • Film Transport: Electronic; auto loading initiated by closing back cover; fully auto winding and rewinding; auto stop after rewinding; film can be rewound from any frame
  • Frame Counter: Sequential calculating; displayed on LCD
  • Self Timer: Electronic, with approx. 10 sec. hold; red lamp lights for 7 sec. and blinks for the next 3 sec.; cancellation possible during countdown
  • Power Source: One 3v lithium battery (CR123A, DL123A)
  • Battery Life: Approx. 10 rolls of 24-exposure film, with 50% flash usage
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 120 x 68.5 x 53mm
  • Weight: 240g (excluding battery)

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