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Konica TOP's AF-300 35mm point-and-shoot camera

Konica TOP's AF-300 35mm point-and-shoot camera

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The Konica TOP'S AF-300 is simple but nicely-designed 35mm point-and-shoot from the early 1990s. The camera's lens is a fixed Konica 34mm F4.5 (3 groups, 3 elements).

The camera offers the following shooting modes: fully automatic; daylight flash; self-timer; and flash cancel (that last mode is always a nice option for museums and other situations you don't want to draw attention to yourself). 

The camera requires one CR123 lithium battery (optional). 

Condition notes
We tested all the camera's functions with film installed and everything is working correctly (we did not process the film though). The camera is in very good aesthetic condition (see photos)

We couldn't locate the manual but we found one for the very closely related TOP'S AF-300 SP (the main differences being the other camera is 'splash proof' and uses a different battery type):

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