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Konica MT-100 35mm point-and-shoot camera (serial 2417174)

Konica MT-100 35mm point-and-shoot camera (serial 2417174)

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The Konica MT-100 is a nice, simple, and very compact autofocus 35mm originally released in 1989. It features a 34mm lens and three mode buttons on the front: self timer; flash cancel; and daytime fill flash.

Battery info

    This MT-100 requires a CR123 battery (optional).

    Condition notes

    We tested this camera with a battery and film installed (we did not process the film). All functions are working correctly. In addition, we verified the film plane focus accuracy with an autocollimator. The camera is in good cosmetic condition with just minor wear from use (see photos). 

    Example photos

    Here are some pictures that other people have taken with the Konica MT-100:


    • Type: Fully automatic auto-focus 35mm lens-shutter camera
    • Format: 24 × 36mm
    • Lens: Konica Lens 34mm F/4.5 (3 groups, 3 elements)
    • Shutter: Electronic programmed shutter, 2sec. 1/4-1/500sec., stepless
    • Power switch: Lens barrel extended, lens cover opens and shutter lock cancelled for power switch ON
    • Focusing: Infrared non-scan active type dual sensor auto-focus system, effective range 1.2m (4ft) to infinity, Focus lock with shutter release half storke
    • AE adjustment: Programmed AE with CdS photo cell
    • AE coupling range: ISO 100; EV11 (F8•1/30) to EV15 (F8•1/500), under
    • 7 EV = F4.5•2 sec.
    • Film speed: With DX film, auto setting ISO 100/200•400, with non DX film defaults to ISO 100
    • Finder: Bright frame direct view albada finder with auto-focus frame, close-up parallax marks; Green lamp (auto-focus/focus lock), Red lamp (auto-flash/flash charge) next to the finder eyepiece.
    • Flash: Flash operates automatically when the light level is too low (less
    • then EV11), range (ISO 100) = 1.2m (4ft) to 3.4m (11ft), recycle
    • time about 4sec., Flash ON and Flash OFF modes in addition to Auto Flash
    • Self-timer: Electronic type, delay for about 10sec., red LED lights for first 7sec. then blinks for 3sec. Cancel function provided
    • Film transport: Automatic film advance to first frame (press shutter release), auto wind after each frame, auto-return at film end, auto-stop after film rewind
    • Frame counter: Additive type, coupled to film wind and rewind
    • Battery life: Using flash for 50% of exposures, approx, 20 rolls 24exp. film can be exposed before replacing battery
    • Power source: CR123A, DL123A:3V lithium battery, CR2025:3V lithium cell powers auto-date mechanism on auto-date model
    • Size, weight: 118 × 69 × 47.5mm (4.6 × 2.7 × 1.9"); 220g (7.80z)
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