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Konica FR735-R (aka Z-Up 70 Super) 35mm camera w/ case

Konica FR735-R (aka Z-Up 70 Super) 35mm camera w/ case

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The Konica FR735-R is a quality 35mm zoom point-and-shoot that was part of the company's early 2000s lineup. This camera was also sold as the Z-Up 70 Super and (according to is also identical to the later Z-Up 70 VP except for cosmetic changes.

Battery info

This camera requires a CR123 lithium battery (available as an option).

Condition notes 

The camera was tested with a battery and film installed and performed well (the film was not developed). We verified the camera's focus accuracy on an autocollimator. The camera's body does show some minor cosmetic wear (see photos). The original case is included.


Konica Z-up 70/FR735-R PDF

  • Film speed: With DX film, auto setting IS0 25 to ISO 3200, with non DX film defaults ISO 25
  • Type: Auto-focus auto-exposure 35 mm lens shutter camera with built-in zoom lens
  • Format: 24×36 mm
  • Lens: 35 mm F5.2 - 70 mm F9.8 focal length Konica zoom lens (5 groups 5, elements), with lens cover
  • Power switch: As the power is turned on, the lens cover opens and the lens barrel is moved out of the camera body. As the power is turned off, the lens barrel is moved back into the camera body and lens cover is closed. When the camera is left without operation as the power is turned on for 3 minutes, the power is automatically turned off and the remaining battery life is indicated in the LCD panel.
  • Shutter: Electronic programmed shutter, 1.7 - 1/300 sec.
  • AE Coupling range: ISO100: f=38mm EV 4 - EV 16
  • AE adjustment: Backlight fill in program AE using a CdS light receptor element
  • Focusing: Infrared non scan active type autofocus system, effective range: 0.8 m (2.6 ft) - ∞ (with 70mm telephoto), 0.8 m (2.6 ft) -- ∞ (less than 70 mm focal length), Focus lock with shutter release half stroke
  • Finder: Real-image zoom finder with autofocus frame, close-up parallax marks.
  • Green lamp (auto-focus/focus lock. blinks when subiect is out of range)
  • Flash: The flashmatic mechanism automatically emits when the hand shake limit for low light. Interactive range - (ISO 100) f=35 mm 0.8 m (2.6 ft) -- 3.2 m (8.4ft)./f=70 mm 0.8 (2.6 ft) - 1.7 m (4.5 ft); Flash recycling time - 5 seconds:
  • Settings: Mode Switch: Auto Flash - "Red-eye" reduction * Flash ON -> Self-timer * Night View Portrait -* Flash OFF -* +1.5 EV over-exposure -* Long distance
  • Self-timer: Electronic self-timer about 10 sec. delay, red LED blinks for first 7 sec. then lights for 3 sec. cancel function provided.
  • Film transport: Automatic film advance to first frame (Motor-drive autoloading starts when the back cover is closed), auto wind after each frame, auto rewind at end of roll with auto-rewind stop. Manual rewind feature. You can rewind the film before the roll if finished.
  • Frame counter: Additive type, LCD panel display
  • Operation temperature range: -10°C to 50°C
  • Battery life: About 15 rolls with flash for half the exposures (24-exposure film)
  • Power source: Lithium battery (CR123A, DLI23A: 3 V), battery power check on LCD panel
  • Size, weight: 116×65×42.2 mm (4.5×2.5x1.7"); 210 g (7.4 oz) battery extra
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