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Konica C35 EF 35mm film camera w/original ever-ready case (serial 232840)

Konica C35 EF 35mm film camera w/original ever-ready case (serial 232840)

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The Konica C35 EF is a classic late 1970s compact 35mm camera, it's one of the first compact cameras to include a built-in flash. The combination of ease-of-use, quality optics and the aforementioned flash made the C35-EF a revolutionary camera when new (it was famously used by Andy Warhol as his party camera) and still a very versatile camera today.

The C35-EF requires a 675 zinc air battery for its exposure meter (one is included; an extra is available as an option) and two AA batteries for its flash (not included).

Example photos
Here are some photos that other people have taken with this model of camera:

Condition notes
We film tested this Konica C35-EF and it delivered sharp, correctly exposed photos. The camera is very good cosmetic condition (see photos). The only noteworthy blemish is some tarnish in the flash battery compartment (it did not affect flash charging in our test and we cleaned and lightly coated it with Caig DeOxit Gold). 



  • Type: 35mm Automatic Exposure (AE) camera with a lens shutter and a built-in electronic flash.
  • Format: Standard 35mm film (24 x 36 mm)
  • Lens: Hexanon 38mm f/2.8 in 3 groups and 4 elements construction, Color Dynamic Coating.
  • Focal Adjustment: Lens elements in all groups turned and moved out in helical action, turning angle 48° taking distance measured with eyes in a focusing mark system with click stops, closest taking distance 1 meter (3.3 feet).
  • Shutter: Behind-the-lens type with speeds switchable to 1/60 and 1/125 sec.
  • Exposure Control: Automatic exposure control with a CdS
  • EE system, one 1.35V mercury battery used as power source.
  • EE Coupling Range: EV9 (f/2.8 at 1/60 sec.) to EV15 (f/16 at 1/125 sec.) with ASA 100, coupled down to EV7 with
  • ASA 400, film speed scale ASA 25 - 400.
  • Finder: Bright-frame finder, magnification 0,46X, parallax compensation mark, aperture scale, over and under. exposure warning marks, focusing mark
  • Flash: Auto Flashmatic System featuring automatic thrust up and switching-on of electronic flash in one action of operating button, Guide number changed with ASA film speed switch. Pilot lamp available in upper deck window and eye-level pilot lamp in finder for charged batteries. Daylight flash possible, guide number 14 (in meters), 45 (in feet) for ASA 100. Two 1.5V AA alkaline batteries used as power source, flash duration at 1/1000 sec. and flash frequency at 250 flashes with AA alkaline batteries. Lighting coverage 56° (horizontally), 40° (vertically).
  • Film Loading: Simple and foolproof Konica GL (Insta-Grip Load) system
  • Film Wind: Film wound in one action of lever on top of camera body. Lever cocked in arc of 132º with a play of 30º; Self-cocking, double-exposure prevention.
  • Film counter: Indicates number of frames exposed and returns to original position with opening of back cover.
  • Filter: Screw-in type, 46 mm in diameter,
  • Dimensions: 128 x 73 x 53 mm (5.0" x 2.9”'x 2.1”)
  • Weight: Without batteries, 340g. (12 oz.)


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