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Kodak VR35 K14 autofocus 35mm film camera

Kodak VR35 K14 autofocus 35mm film camera

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The Kodak VR35 K14 is a high quality and very interestingly designed 35mm point-and-shoot from the late 1980s. This camera was reportedly made by the Japanese company Chinon and is quite close to their Auto 2001 model. It features a fast and very sharp 35mm f2.8 lens and a clever flip-up lens cover that also houses the camera's flash.

This camera requires an ordinary 9 volt alkaline battery (not included). It alternatively supports an oddball Kodak 9 volt lithium battery but this would be difficult to find (we tested it using a 9 volt battery and it works great). 

Example photos
Here are some photos another person took with this model of camera:

Condition notes
We tested this camera with film and it delivered sharp, correctly exposed photos. There is some cosmetic wear to the camera body (see photos) but this doesn't affect photos or functionality.



    • TYPE: 35 mm compact infrared auto-focus camera with auto film load, auto wind, auto rewind and built-in flash system.
    • PICTURE FORMAT: 24 x 36 mm.
    • LENS: 35 mm f/2.8, aspheric, 4-element all-glass lens.
    • VIEWFINDER: Bright frame with AF frame, parallax marks, focus confirmation symbol, underexposure warning.
    • SHUTTER: Programmed electronic shutter with automatic lock system at low voltage.
    • EXPOSURE METER: Fully automatic exposure system.
    • ISO RANGE: Auto Setting: (DX) 100, 200, 400, and 1000.
    • FOCUSING: Infrared automatic focusing system with prefocus capability.
    • FOCUSING RANGE: 3 ft (1 m) to infinity.
    • MINIMUM AF DISTANCE WARNING: Built-in with flashing distance symbol.
    • FILM LOADING: Automatically loads film and advances to the start position when the shutter release is depressed after the camera back is closed.
    • FILM WINDING: Automatic power winder for single-frame advance and continuous exposure.
    • FILM REWINDING: Automatic rewind at end of roll; by sliding rewind latch prior to end of roll.
    • FILM COUNTER: Automatically indicates number of exposures taken and resets to “S” when camera back is opened.
    • SELF-TIMER: 10-second electronically controlled with flashing red LED, cancellable.
    • FLASH UNIT: Built-in electronic flash; included as part of the cover flash.
    • RECYCLING TIME: Approximately 1.7 seconds.
    • EFFECTIVE FLASH DISTANCE: 3-15 ft (1-4.6 m) ISO 100. 3-20 ft (1-6.1 m) ISO 200. 3-30 ft (1-9.1 m) ISO 400 and 1000.
    • POWER SOURCE: One 9-volt Ultralife lithium power pack. A 9-volt alkaline battery can be used in an emergency, but with reduced battery life.
    • POWER PACK LIFE: Approximately 100 24-exposure rolls (2 of every 3 shots using flash) with 9-volt Uitralife lithium power pack.
    • DATE-BACK: Clock is powered by one 3-volt battery.
    • OTHER FEATURES: Cartridge window, dust barrier, tripod screw, neckstrap, fill-flash, and flash defeat.
    • DIMENSIONS: 5*/i. x 27. x 2"
    • (141.5 x 73 x 50 mm) (L x H x W)
    • WEIGHT: Approximately 12 ounces. 
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