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Kodak Ektagraphic III AS 35mm slide projector

Kodak Ektagraphic III AS 35mm slide projector

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Note: Some of the pictures show the projector with a Carousel tray. By default the projector comes with no slide tray but 80 or 140 types are available as add-ons.  


This is a great workhorse Kodak Ektagraphic III AS 35mm film projector. It is fully compatible with Kodak Carousel slide projector trays and lenses. This is our favourite model in this series as it offers a very handy built-in viewer screen (you just need to remove the lens, and pull out the viewer mechanism--see the photos). The included 100-150mm f3.5 Raynox zoom lens is high quality and versatile.

Another nice aspect of the Ektagraphic III series is that is uses inexpensive and easy-to-find EXR type lamps.


  • Working EXR lamp installed
  • Remote control
  • Raynox 100-150mm f3.5 zoom projection lens

You can add a 80 or 140-side Kodak carousel slide tray as an add-on. We strongly recommend 80 capacity trays unless you are certain that your slides are in thin mounts. 

Condition notes 
This projector is an excellent working condition. It does has some aesthetic wear on the chassis however. The most notable flaw is the underside of the projector where you wrap the power cord has a piece plastic broken off (see photo); this is purely cosmetic, it doesn't affect the projectors performance at all .

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