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Kodak Brownie 8 regular 8mm movie camera

Kodak Brownie 8 regular 8mm movie camera

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The Kodak Brownie 8 is a very simple mechanical clockwork wind 8mm movie camera from the early 1960s. It features a 13mm f/2.7 fixed focus lens.

The Brownie 8's lens is designed to provide good focus in most ordinary shooting situations (see page 15 of the manual below for precise depth-of-field numbers for all apertures). 

This camera doesn't have a built-in light meter. You can use any standard light meter (or smartphone app). The camera's frame rate is 16fps which, for metering purposes, is equivalent to about 1/30 sec. 

Regular 8mm (aka double 8mm or standard 8mm) film is still available to buy. Fomapan R 100 is the most popular 8mm stock currently available; it can be found at many online shops. Other stocks are frequently available at International Film Brokers (we have no affiliation with this company but we've heard good things about their service).


Condition notes
The camera is in good cosmetic condition (see photos) and is working correctly. It includes a takeup spool. 

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