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Kodak Automatic 8 8mm movie camera

Kodak Automatic 8 8mm movie camera

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The Kodak Automatic 8 is a very simple clockwork wind 8mm movie camera from the early 1960s. It features a 13mm f/1.6 fixed focus lens and automatic exposure via a photocell. It offers the ASA settings for 10, 16, 25 and 40. A takeup spool is included. 

Read a thorough description of this camera The Kodak Collection at the National Media Museum, Bradford UK is available here

Condition notes
The camera is confirmed working. The light meter is responding to light but it is difficult to be certain if it is accurate as it doesn't provide an f-stop readout. We would recommend the use of more forgiving negative film (often available at International Film Brokers -- we have no affiliation with this company but we've heard good things about their service).

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