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Kentmere Pan 100 Black & White Negative Film (35mm, 36-exp, ISO 100)

Kentmere Pan 100 Black & White Negative Film (35mm, 36-exp, ISO 100)

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Kentmere Pan 100 is medium-speed fine-grain black & white film. It is made in the UK by Ilford/Harmon Technology. 

Type: Black and white film
Size: 35mm, 36-exposure
Film speed: ISO 100/21°  

Here's how it's described in Ilford literature:

Kentmere Pan 100 Kentmere 100 is a medium speed, black & white film suitable for a wide variety of applications where good lighting conditions are available (both outdoor or indoor with controlled / studio lighting).

The fine grain and excellent sharpness make it suitable for enlargement prints while its broad tonal range and wide exposure latitude make it a smart choice for beginners and those returning to film.

The Kentmere range is owned and manufactured by Harman technology and follows the same high quality processes that are used to make all ILFORD PHOTO films and papers.

Kentmere 100 is panchromatically sensitised and can be processed in a wide range of different developers using spiral tanks, deep tanks and automatic processors. Read thte Kentmere Pan 100 data sheet here.

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