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Jazz 207 35mm film camera

Jazz 207 35mm film camera

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The Jazz 207 is, in our opinion, one of the nicer designed and more beautiful of the 90s 'toy' 35mm film cameras. This very compact camera features a sliding lens cover, a fixed focus 27mm wide-angle lens, a 1/125 sec shutter speed and an integrated flash powered by a single AA battery (not included). 

If you choose '+ film', a 24-exposure roll of Fujicolor 200 film will be included.

Condition note
The camera was tested with film and a battery installed (it was not developed however) and it is working correctly. 

Example photos
Here are some pictures that other people have taken with this model of camera to give you an idea of its image quality:

Specifications (according to
  • Camera Type: Panoramic/Normal Point and Shoot camera
  • Negative Size: Panoramic - 13x36mm, Normal - 24x36mm
  • Dimensions: 35 x 62 x 115mm
  • Film Type: 135 (35mm)
  • Film Speed Range: 100 - 400 ISO
  • Lens: 27mm
  • Minimum Focal Length: 27mm
  • Aperture: f/9.5
  • Shutter: Mechanical
  • Shutter Speed: 1/100 sec.
  • Focus Adjustment: Focus free
  • Viewfinder: Reverse Galilean type
  • Film Advance: Manual
  • Flash: Electronic
  • Flash Charge Time: approx. 12 seconds
  • Flash Range: 100 ISO - 1.0m-1.2m, 200 ISO - 1.0m-1.7m, 400 ISO - 1.0m-2.2m
  • Battery: 1 AA battery
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