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Ilford XP2 Super 400 Single-Use Black & White Camera

Ilford XP2 Super 400 Single-Use Black & White Camera

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This is a fun, fresh (process before July 2025) black & white single-use (27 exposures) camera that comes loaded with superb XP2 film. This is a special black & white film type that can be processed in the same chemicals as ordinary color film (so it's generally less expensive to develop and has a faster turn-around). 

Here's Ilford's description:

The HARMAN XP2 SUPER Single Use Camera is an easy to use, fun camera with the added convenience of C41 processing (meaning it can be processed at most high-street photo labs).

The versatile, fine grain, ISO 400 film contained in this camera makes it suitable for most indoor and outdoor shooting situations and is therefore ideal for parties, festivals, weddings, street photography and outdoor events. It contains a built-in flash for low light shooting.

Once used, the camera can be developed using most high-street lab services.

If you're interested in the film's technical details, you can read the XP2 data sheet here


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