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Gra-Lab Darkroom Enlarger Timer

Gra-Lab Darkroom Enlarger Timer

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What can you say about the industry standard? The classic Gra-Lab darkroom timer is a wonderfully simple and reliable darkroom enlarger timer. And unlike the new ones (they're still in production), this features rugged all-metal construction and quality components.

It features: 

  • safe light and enlarger outlets
  • Time/Focus switch
  • buzzer on/off switch
  • global on/off switch

We love these things and use ours all the time (and not just for darkroom work--it's also a great general-purpose timer for 'pomodoro technique', baking, exercise, etc. ). Its faintly glow-in-the-dark numbers and hands are a nice touch too!

Condition notes

This timer works great and is in overall very good condition with the most noteworthy cosmetic flaw being a repainted patch on the bottom (this would be invisible in most normal installations). 

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