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Fujifilm Clear Shot 30 35mm camera

Fujifilm Clear Shot 30 35mm camera

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Note: This camera's frame counter is not working correctly due to a weak spring. Otherwise it's in perfect working order but please be aware that the frame counter will not accurately give the number of photos you have taken.

The Fujifilm Clearshot 30 is an ultra compact and lightweight motorized 35mm film camera. It is a very simple to use camera that offers fully automatic shooting. Its wide 28mm lens makes it a good choice for beach and street photography.

The camera requires two AA batteries (not included).

Condition notes
The camera is in very good cosmetic condition (see photos) and is working perfectly (except for the frame counter mentioned above). We tested all features and ran film through the camera (we did not process the film however). 

Manual (Note: The manual is in Japanese but you can upload it to Google Translate)


  • Film: 135 (35mm) DX roll film
  • Picture Size: 24mm X 36mm
  • Lens: Fujinon lens, 3 components, 3 elements; f=28mm 1:5.6
  • Viewfinder: Inverted Galilean viewfinder; 0.6 X magnification; Flash ready lamp
  • Focusing: Fixed focus, 1.3 meters to infinity
  • Shutter Release: Mechanical shutter release, fixed at 1/100 seconds shutter speed
  • Film Speed Setting: Automatic (DX roll film) for speeds from ISO 100/200, 400
  • Film Loading: Motorized
  • Film Advance: Automatic (motorized), film wind and rewind system (use the film rewind switch)
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