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Fuji DL-900 Zoom 35mm camera w/ case (serial 71107474)

Fuji DL-900 Zoom 35mm camera w/ case (serial 71107474)

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The Fuji DL-900 (aka Discovery 900) is an advanced 35mm point-and-shoot from the early 1990s. It features a sharp 38-80mm and wide array of shooting modes (see the manual linked below).

This camera is powered by a CR-P2 lithium battery (available as an add-on). The original padded Fuji case is included.

Condition notes
The camera is in very good functional and aesthetic condition (see photos). It was tested with a battery and film installed and all functions are working correctly. In addition, we verified the camera's film plane focus with an autocollimator and its autoexposure accuracy with a calibrated light source and shutter analyzer.



See pages 17-78 of the manual.

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