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Fuji DL-120 35mm film camera

Fuji DL-120 35mm film camera

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The Fujifilm DL-120 (called the Cardia Joy in Japan) is a quality point-and-shoot 35mm film camera with a fixed 35mm f3.8 autofocus lens. The camera also offers Fuji's foolproof 'drop-in loading' system where you just drop the film in the camera.

This camera is powered by two AA batteries (not included)

We weren't able to locate the manual but it's a very simple camera to use. The 'drop in loading' is probably the easiest film loading mechanism ever devised (just pull out a bit of film, drop it in the camera and close the door). This camera also has a physical switch for the flash (always a good feature in our minds) so the flash will only fire when you switch it on (there's a low light indicator to tell you when a flash is required).

Condition notes
This camera is in excellent condition. We it tested with a battery and film installed and all functions are working correctly. The film was not developed. 

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