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FED Etude compact 35mm slide projector

FED Etude compact 35mm slide projector

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The diminutive FED Etude is a beautiful vintage 35mm slide projector that was made in the USSR. The projector features a sharp 80mm f2.8 T-3 lens (many people convert these lenses for digital camera use). This is the export version designed to work with North American electricity. The projector is an excellent choice when space is a premium; it's much smaller than a conventional Kodak Carousel style projector (of course you have to manually change the slide with the Etude since it doesn't use a tray/magazine). 

This projector is very simple to use. You just open the top and place the slide in the holder, then focus the lens on your screen (or wall if you prefer). It projects a bright, clear image. Note: You leave the lid up when projecting, 

Condition notes 
This projector was tested and works great, the only minor issue is that one of the clips for holding the slide in place has fallen off; in testing I found that slides stayed in place fine without that clip. The projector includes a working lamp and cord.

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