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Elmo Editor 912 Dual Type Super 8 and 8mm viewer/editor

Elmo Editor 912 Dual Type Super 8 and 8mm viewer/editor

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 Note: movie reels that appear in some of the photos are for illustration only and are not included. A generic empty reel is included. 

One of the greatest names in small format cinema products, Elmo did not disappoint with their rock solid Editor 912 viewer for Super 8 and regular 8mm films. 

This viewer/editor was manufactured to Elmo's specifications by Sansei Koki (better known for their 'Goko' brand editors). It features a bright fresnel screen (90 x 120 mm), switchable regular 8mm and super 8 operation, and smooth manual transport. It includes a working lamp (in the event the bulb burns out, it's inexpensive and easy to find, its type is: "6V 10W BA15s base")

Condition notes
The editor was tested with a movie reel and is working very well. It's in very good aesthetic condition. In addition we cleaned the screen and mirror (it's very straightforward to service this editor, just be mindful the mirror is silvered on its surface. 

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