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Direct Film CD35 (Halina 35-600) 35mm film camera w/50B flash

Direct Film CD35 (Halina 35-600) 35mm film camera w/50B flash

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Note: We film-tested this camera and it took excellent pictures; however the automatic exposure tended to overexpose by about 1 stop. We found that setting the film speed dial higher than the actual film used worked perfectly to compensate (i.e. setting the camera's ASA/ISO dial to 400 when using 200 speed film). 

The Direct Film CD35 is a re-branded Halina 35-600, a 1970s zone-focus viewfinder camera with a sharp 40mm f2.8 lens. This camera was a competitor to the then-popular Olympus Trip 35. It's quite similar to the Olympus except the CD35 uses a battery for its light meter. The camera was designed to use now-banned PX625 mercury cell; modern inexpensive 675 hearing aid batteries are a suitable substitute.

This camera was also sold as the Prinz Saturn 35 Auto, Hanimex Compact A, Weist 135L, and Hitawa camera. 

The included Direct Film 50B flash requires two AA batteries (not included) and features a scale on the back for setting the camera's f-stop (like with the Trip 35, this camera offers a manual mode where you choose the f-stop and shutter fires at a fixed speed of ~1/40 sec.

Example photos
Here are some photos that other people have taken with this model of camera:

Condition notes
The camera is is in good condition with some cosmetic wear and a few spots of rust on the back (see photos). The lens is in very good condition. It was tested with film and it delivered sharp images. In our tests we found that the camera light meter tended to overexpose by about one stop. We got very good exposure when setting the film speed to ISO 400 when using ISO 200 film.  


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