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Concord 850 Slim Line 35mm film camera

Concord 850 Slim Line 35mm film camera

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The Concord 850 Slim Line is a very simple but nicely styled 35mm film camera from the late 1980s. It is a fixed focus design where subjects from approximately 1.5 meters and beyond should be in focus. It is a mechanical camera where you advance the film by pushing a lever twice. It also includes a built-in flash (the flash only fires when you switch it on). 

The camera requires two AA batteries (not included). 

Condition notes
The camera was tested with batteries installed and a film roll running through the camera (the film was not developed). All functions are working correctly. The camera is in very good cosmetic condition (see photos) with only minor wear.

Example photos
Here are some pictures other people have taken with the Concord 850 Slim Line:


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