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Chinon Genesis III 'bridge' 35mm film SLR with 38-110mm lens

Chinon Genesis III 'bridge' 35mm film SLR with 38-110mm lens

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The Chinon Genesis III is a well designed and high-quality SLR with a 38-110mm fixed (not interchangeable) zoom lens. It's a very comfortable and easy camera to use in its basic mode but offer a huge number of features if you choose to go deep.

The camera requires a 2CR5 lithium battery (available as an option). 

Detailed review
The Chinon Genesis III received a detailed (rave!) review in the May 1990 issue of Popular Photography. Read it here:

Condition notes
The camera was tested with a battery and film installed (the film was not developed however) and all functions are working correctly.

Example photos
Here are some pictures taken by other people with this model of camera:


*MAIN FEATURES: -35 mm TTL finder zoom camera

- 38-110 mm zoom lens

- Auto programmed zoom

- Hybrid auto focusing system

- Fully motorized film transport

- Built-in sensor flash

- TTL metering multi mode program AE

- Built-in LCD panel

*FILM TYPE: 35 mm film cartridge

*PICTURE SIZE: 24x36 mm

*LENS: Aperture ratio: F/4.4-5.6

*Focal length: f/38 mm-110 mm

*Lens construction: 12 elements in 11 groups

*Macro: Yes: 0.85 m (33.5") at tele position (1:5.5)

*Zooming: 3 modes: auto programmed zoom, manual power zoom, tele zoom

*FINDER: Type: TTL finder

*Finder screen: Fine matte screen

*Magnification: 0.73x (50 mm inf.)

*Coverage: Vertical: 85%, Horizontal: 85%

*Diopter: - 1.0

*VF indication: AF indicator: multi AF OK signal, near warning spot AF OK signal, near warning

*Exposure indicator: Slow speed warning, bulb mode signal

*Flash indicator: Flash sync. signal, recharging signal

*Finder mirror: Motorized quick return mirror

*FOCUSING SYSTEM: Type: Combination AF: TTL phase differential detection/Multi AF

*Focus lock/cancellation: Yes

*Focus range: 0.85 m (35.5") -- inf.

*SHUTTER: Type: Electromagnetic vertical running focal plane shutter

*Type of shutter release: Electromagnetic release

*Shutter speed range: 1-1/1 000 sec.

*Shutter bulb: Yes

*Release operation: Focus priority


*Type: TTL metering system

*Exposure control: S modes: normal, action, creative, slow sync., flash program

*Photo cell: Two divided SPD (1 )

*Exposure range: W: EV 4.2-EV 18.8 (ISO 100), T: EV S-EV 20 (ISO 100)

*Film speed sensing: DX film sensing: ISO 25-3200

*ISO 25: ISO 25 to 40, ISO 50: ISO 50 to 80, ISO 100: ISO 100 to 160, 1SO 200: ISO 200 to 320, *ISO 400: ISO 400 to 640, ISO 1000: ISO 800 to 1250, ISO 1600: ISO 1600 to 2500, ISO 3200: ISO 3200 to 5000,
Non DX film to ISO 25 setting

*Exposure compensation: Yes: +/- 2 EV (0.5 EV step)

*Shutter speed limit: Flash program: max. 1/38-1/100 sec.

*Others: max. 1 sec.

*Bulb exposure: Yes

*FILM TRANSPORT: Film loading: Auto loading

*First frame setting: Automatic setting by closing film door

*Film winding: Motorized winding

*Shooting mode: 2 modes: single, continuous (approx. 1.5 frame/sec.)

*Film rewinding: Motorized rewinding

*Rewinding actuation: Automatic

*Rewinding stop: Automatic

*Rewind button: Built-in

*Frame counter: by LCD panel

*FLASH: Type: Retractable sensor flash

*Flashmatic: Yes

*Auto recharging: Yes

*Flash guide no.: 14 (ISO 100 meter)

*Effective range: (ISO 100): W: 0.85 m-5.1 m (33.5"-16.7'), T: 0.85 m-4.0 m (33.5"-13.1')

*Off flash mode: Yes

*Fill flash mode: Yes

*Recycle time: Approx. 4 sec.


*Power source: Lithium battery pack (2CR5): customer replaceable

*Battery check: Yes: on LCD panel/release lock out

*Film door window: Built-in

*Tripod screw: Built-in: U-1/4~

*Self-timer: Built-in: approx. 10 sec. cancelable

*Multiple: Yes, unlimited.

*LCD indication: Built-in: Frame counter including film transport signal, Photographing mode indication: continuous mode, multiple exposure, self-timer

*Exposure mode indication: normal program, action program, creative program
Zoom mode indication: programmed, manual power, tele zoom

*Exposure compensation indication

*Battery indication
*Auto power shut off: Yes: approx. 60 sec.
*Strap: Hand/neck strap

*Filter: Attachable: 58mm

*Lens hood: Attachable: 58mm

*Converter lens: Attachable: Tele converter (1.4x)

*Size: 126.5(W)x84.5(H)x126.5(D) mm (511~x3.4"x5.1N)

*Weight: 710 9 25.1 oz. (without battery)

*Mode buttons: exposure mode, photography mode, programmed zoom mode

*Function button: main switch, rewind button, exposure compensation button, zoom button, flash switch, central spot button

*Specifications subject to change without novice

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