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Chinon Auto GLX autofocus 35mm film camera (serial 077SS)

Chinon Auto GLX autofocus 35mm film camera (serial 077SS)

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The Chinon Auto GLX is a simple but good quality Japanese-made autofocus point-and-shoot 35mm from circa 1986. It features a sharp fixed 35mm f3.9 lens; auto focus with focus lock (handy for off-center compositions); and a flash that will only fire when you switch it on (a feature we always like). 

The camera requires two AA batteries (not included).


Example photos
This is a somewhat rare camera so we couldn't find example photos but here are some photos taken with the closely related Chinon Auto GL AF (which shares the same lens design):

Condition notes
The camera was tested with batteries installed and a film roll running through the camera (the film was not developed). All functions are working correctly. In addition, we confirmed the film plane focus accuracy with an autocollimator. The camera is in good cosmetic condition (see photos) except you can see where we repaired the battery compartment (see detail photo).


  • TYPE: Lens shutter type fully automatic 35 mm compact camera
  • PICTURE FORMAT: 24x36 mm
  • LENS: 35 mm F3.9, 3 elements in 3 groups
  • VIEWFINDER: Albada type bright frame with AF frame, parallax marks, AF lock indication LED (green) and under exposure warning/battery check LED (red)
  • SHUTTER: Programmed electronic shutter; 1/90 sec. (F3.9)-l/410 sec. (F8), mechanical release, shutter locks when the lens cover is closed.
  • EXPOSURE METER: Programmed EE, CdS EV RANGE: EV10.5 - EV14.5 (ISO 100)
  • AUTOMATIC FILM SPEED SETTING: The film speed is automatically set when using a DX-coded film of ISO 100/21 -1000/31°.
  • Non-DX film will be set to ISO 100/21° .
  • FOCUSING: Infrared automatic focusing system with possible prefocus; cancelable
  • FOCUSING RANGE: 1.3 meters (4.26 ft) to infinity FILM LOADING: Auto loading system with built-in motor
  • FILM WIND: Automatic power winder for single frame advance
  • FILM REWIND: Automatic power rewinding; rewind actuated with rewind switch
  • AUTO REWIND STOP: Film rewinding automatically stops upon completion
  • EXPOSURE COUNTER: Indicates number of exposed frames and returns frame by frame while rewinding, and resets to ”S” when camera back is opened.
  • FLASH: Built-in flash, pop-up type flashmatic. Guide number 10 (ISO 100: meters). Effective range of 1.3-3.5 meters (4.26-11.48 feet) at ISO 100, Recycling time of approximately 5 seconds. Flash ready indicator built-in.
  • LENS COVER: Built-in, shutter locks with lens closed
  • OTHER FEATURES: Film type window and hand strap
  • POWER SOURCE: Two 1.5 V ”M” size alkaline batteries (LR6)
  • DIMENSIONS: 129 (W) x 70 (II) x 45 (D) mm (5.08” x 2.76 x 1.77 )
  • WEIGHT: 260 grams (9.17 oz)


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