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Canon Zoom 518 Super 8 movie camera

Canon Zoom 518 Super 8 movie camera

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The Canon Zoom 518 was the company's first ever Super 8 camera and it's typically excellent for the brand. The lens is sharp and easy to focus and features a flexible  9.5-47.5mm zoom range. 

The camera meters from IS0 16-100 for daylight balanced films and ISO 25-160 for tungsten films. We do not recommend Kodak Vision 3 500T for this camera but all other current Kodak film types will work well (Vision 3 200T will be overexposed a negligible amount). 

This camera requires three AA batteries for the film motor (not included) and two 675 zinc air batteries for the light meter (optional). 

If you choose '+ batteries' a pair of 675 zinc air cells will be included. 

Condition notes
The camera is in very good functional and cosmetic condition (see photos). There is a small filter ring dent (we weren't able to test as it takes unusual 48mm filters). The only noteworthy cosmetic flaw is that a small decorative badge that said '518 Zoom' is ming from the from of the camera (it's very common for this badge to go missing it was perhaps lightly glued). It was tested with batteries and film cartridge (the film was not processed however). The film motor and auto-exposure are working correctly. The film plane focus sharpness and accuracy was verified on an auto-collimator.

Canon Museum Entry



  • Type: 8mm cinecamera, employing Super 8 film cartridge. Not necessary to turn cartridge over.
  • Frame Size: 4 x 5.4mm Super 8 size film.
  • Lens: F 1.8 with zooming range of 9.5—47.5mm. 11-component, 14-element construction. Zoom ratio, 1:5. Zooming is manual by rotation of lens barrel. Zoom range can be extended to super-tele-photo (15.6—78mm) with optional tele-converter.
  • Viewfinder: Parallax-free single lens reflex type, including 4 prisms and 11 element lens construction. Built-in prism screen focusing system and exposure meter indicator. Eyepiece can be adjusted to the eyesight of photographer.
  • Exposure Meter: Through-the-lens system, with highly sensitive CdS meter. Batteries for EE systems are two 1.3 V px625.
  • EE System : Film sensitivity, filming speed and aperture setting are coupled. Aperture warning marks for under- or over exposure are shown in viewfinder. Automatic adjustment for filters.
  • Film Speed Range : With tungsten type film, ASA 25—160. With daylight type film, ASA 16—100. Film sensitivity is set automatically.
  • CCA Filter: Built into camera, automatically corrects for exposure of tungsten film for daylight use. Determined by cartridge used, or manually
  • from outside.
  • Filming speed : 18 fps.
  • Film Drive: Electrically powered micromotor provides continuous automatic filming of the full 15m (50ft.) length of the film.
  • Power for Drive: Three 1.5V penlight batteries
  • Shutter Release : Mercury battery switch with continuous running and safety lock.
  • Footage Counter: Countable up to 50ft. Automatically resets when new cartridge is inserted.
  • Film Transport Indicator : For checking film advancement.
  • Battery Tester: Pushbutton actuated indicator shows power level of micromotor batteries.
  • Size: 206 x 101 x 55 mm 
  • Weight: 1,100 grams
  • Accessories : Trigger grip 4, tele-converter 1.6x, etc.
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