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Canon Sure Shot Z70W 35mm film camera w/ case

Canon Sure Shot Z70W 35mm film camera w/ case

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The Canon Sure Shot Z70W is a superb 35mm point-and-shoot from the mid-1990s featuring a sharp 28-70mm zoom lens and very sophisticated autofocus.

Famed celebrity/society photographer Patrick McMullan described his use of Z70W camera in the August 1997 American Photo

Since McMullan carries just one SLR, he packs a point-and-shoot for backup. He says his Canon Z70W, now discontinued, "is the best pocket model they ever made. I like the clamshell design because it protects the lens and makes it easier and faster to turn on the camera." Most essential is the Z70W's 28mm wide-angle focal length, uncommon among zoom point-and-shoots. "I keep the camera on a table when I'm sitting, just to snap people around me," he says. (Other point-and-shoots in his arsenal include the Contax T2 and the Olympus Stylus.)

This camera requires a CR123 battery (optional). A Canon case is included.

Condition notes
All camera features were tested with a battery and film installed (the film was not developed) and it is working great. We confirmed the camera's film plane focus accuracy with an autocollimator; we could see that the lens' resolving power was superb for a zoom point-and-shoot. In addition, we verified the camera's auto-exposure accuracy using a calibrated light source and a shutter tester (its accuracy is excellent). The camera is in very good cosmetic condition (see photos).

Example photos
Here are some pictures other people have taken with the Sure Shot Z70W:


Canon Museum entry

See pages 88-89 in the manual.

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