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Canon Sure Shot WP-1 weatherproof camera

Canon Sure Shot WP-1 weatherproof camera

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The Canon Sure Shot WP-1 is an excellent quality, and very rugged weatherproof 35mm point-and-shoot camera. It features a sharp 32mm f3.5 lens and very elegant and intuitive controls. And it's not just a camera for outdoors: Another WP-1 user recently told us that this was her favorite party camera. It's a very easy camera to use. Its mode selector dial includes: Full Auto; Force flash (handy for fill-in flash if your subject is backlit); No flash; and dedicated close-up focusing. It also includes a self-timer beside the shutter button.

Note: This model was not designed to be an underwater camera. People have uploaded many underwater pics taken with the WP-1 to sites like Lomography, Flickr, etc. but this is a risky and off-label use of the Sure Shot WP-1--we do not recommend it!

Condition notes We tested this camera with film and it performed perfectly, with sharp images and accurate automatic focusing. The cameras aesthetic condition is very good as well (see photos) and it includes the nice original canvas case.


See pages 66 and 67 of the user manual.

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