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Bolex 18-9 Duo Super 8 + 8mm movie projector

Bolex 18-9 Duo Super 8 + 8mm movie projector

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The Bolex 18-9 Duo is a very well-designed and easy to use Super 8 and 8mm projector (which also supports all four sizes of the somewhat uncommon Kodak Supermatic Super 8 cartridges). It has a very clever system for switching between the small 8mm and larger Super 8 spindles: an magnetized adapter spindle fits securely into place while there's a post inside the projector to store the other spindle.

Note: one of the photos shows a full Super 8 movie reel, this is for illustration only and not included.

Condition notes
The projector is in very good aesthetic condition with some minor scuffs on the enclosure. It was tested with both regular 8mm and super 8 films and is running smoothly and projecting a clear, steady image. We weren't able to acquire a Kodak Supermatic cartridge for testing but it appear that the take-up mechanism works the same as with standard reels.


  • IEC power cord *a working EFP lamp
  • Bolex f: 1.3 F: 15-30 mm "Hi-Fi" lens
  • a plastic 400' take-up reel will be included.

Specs (source:

  • Bolex 18-9 Duo
  • marketed in 1974-75
  • Kodak super 8 mm film cartridge
  • standard 8 mm super 8 mm film reel
  • lens: - Bolex Hi-Fi f: 1.3 F: 15-30 mm
  • lamp: 100 W, 12 V, EFP
  • cartridge capacity: 15-30-70-120 m Kodak cartridges
  • reel capacity: 120 m
  • projection: forward
  • projection speed: 9, 18 fps
  • frame counter: yes
  • film loading: automatic threading
  • sound: no
  • motor: asynchronous magnetic motor drive
  • power source: 100 to 250 V AC, 50 Hz, 175 W
  • dimensions: circa 145 x 290 x 310 mm
  • made in Austria by Eumig
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