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Bell and Howell Electronic Eye 393 8mm movie camera

Bell and Howell Electronic Eye 393 8mm movie camera

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The Bell and Howell Electronic Eye model 393 is a vintage 8mm movie camera featuring a three lens turret with 10mm f1.8, 6.5mm f.1.8, and 25mm f1.8 options.

The camera offers both automatic (ISO 10-40) and manual exposure (the equivalent shutter speed is 1/35 sec. if you're using an external light meter). The camera is a fully mechanical with a selenium light meter for its 'Electronic Eye' so no batteries are necessary. We recommend Fomapan R100 as an affordable, still-being-made double 8mm film for use this this camera.


Condition notes
The camera was tested with film installed (the film was not developed); the motor is running smoothly and the auto-exposure is responding to light in the expected manner (tho it appears to be working well, we can't be absolutely certain of the meter accuracy; for critical projects we recommend using an external light meter and the manual exposure option).

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