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Bell and Howell 356 Super 8 movie projector

Bell and Howell 356 Super 8 movie projector

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Note: the movie reel shown in some photos is for illustration purposes only and is not included; the take-up (empty) reel is included. 

The model 356 is a basic but well-built Super 8 film projector made in Canada by Bell and Howell. It features a f1.6 Bell and Howell 1" Increlite projection lens (made in Japan).
All rubber parts parts, including the belts, are good condition condition. The Auto-Load feature was tested with films and works correctly with no jamming or perforation damage (you must hold down the loading lever until the film exits the gate to load). The only noteworthy flaw is that the reverse/rewind mode is quite noisy. We cleaned and re-lubricated the gears with a quality synthetic grease. A working DJL lamp is installed. 
A plastic 400' take-up reel is also included.
This model projector supports Super 8 and Single 8 (Japanese) films.

Condition notes
This projector was tested with a super 8 movie reel and is running well with the exception of it being quite noisy in reverse/rewind; this noise doesn't seem to affect the performance. It is also missing the logo decal on the lamp housing (very common with Bell and Howell projectors). 

Note: We guarantee that the installed DJL projector lamp will arrive in working condition but as lamps are consumables item, we cannot guarantee its lifespan. Otherwise, the projector comes with our normal 30 day full guarantee. 

Should the lamp burn out, we strongly recommend long-lasting modern replacements available at (we are not affiliated with this company). 

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