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Bell and Howell 253 AX Regular 8 movie projector (serial F77082)

Bell and Howell 253 AX Regular 8 movie projector (serial F77082)

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Note 1: the movie reel shown in some photos is for illustration purposes only and is not included; the take-up (empty) reel is included. 

Note 2: We guarantee that the installed DJL projector lamp will arrive in working condition but as lamps are consumables items, we cannot guarantee their lifespan. Otherwise, the projector comes with our normal 30-day full guarantee. 

The Bell and Howell Model 253 AX is a compact and beautifully designed Regular 8 movie projector with a very rigid chassis. This is a manual threading design (ie not auto-load) but it's quite simple to load. Please note that it is not a dual format projector (it only accepts regular 8mm). The projector includes a working DJL lamp and a take-up reel. 

We couldn't find any information online but this made in Canada projector appears to be identical to the American-made Bell and Howell 253 R. 

Condition notes

This projector was tested with an 8mm movie reel and is running very well.

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