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Bell and Howell 10MS dual 8mm & Super 8 projector

Bell and Howell 10MS dual 8mm & Super 8 projector

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While not as rugged as the classic all-metal Bell and Howell movie projectors, the model 10M is a good quality unit with variable speed and support for both regular 8mm and Super 8mm films. This projector includes a take-up reel but the movie reel shown in some photos is for illustrations only. 

Condition notes
The projector was tested with both 8mm and Super 8 movie reels and is running correctly with a clean, flicker-free image. There is however a squeaky noise coming from the take-up reel side. 

Specifications (source:

  • standard 8 mm \ super 8 mm film
  • lens: f: 1.5 \ F: 18-30 mm
  • lamp: 50 W, 8 V, CXR/CXL
  • reel capacity: 120 m
  • projection: forward, reverse
  • projection speed: variable rheostat speed control
  • film loading: fully automatic threading
  • sound: no
  • motor: electronically governed DC magnetic motor
  • power source: 115 to 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • weight: 6300 g
  • dimensions: 165 x 216 x 282 mm
  • made in Hong Kong by Haking


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