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Argus Vari-Motion 892Z 8mm and Super 8 projector

Argus Vari-Motion 892Z 8mm and Super 8 projector

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Note: the movie reel shown in some photos is for illustration purposes only and is not included; the take-up (empty) reel is included. 

The Argus Vari-Motion is a compact movie projector with support for both 8mm and Super 8 films. The projector is fitted with a working lamp. A plastic 400' take-up reel is included.

Condition notes
The projector was tested with both regular 8mm and Super 8 films and is projecting a sharp, steady image. The only issue we encountered was when switching to the "special" slow motion and stepped motion modes the projector would sometimes lose its loop and project a flickery picture. We got the loop back by simply switching to reverse projection and back to forward. We therefore recommend this projector more for people who wish to use it as a "normal" projector (in our opinion the ultra-slow motion and stepped motion modes are mostly gimmicks or for people who wish to make home telecine rigs). 

Specifications (source:

  • standard 8 mm \ super 8 mm film
  • format change: by lever
  • lens: Argus Cintar Zoom f: 1.5 \ F: 20-32 mm
  • lamp: 50 W, 8 V, CXL
  • reel capacity: 120 m
  • projection: forward, reverse, still
  • projection speed: normal, slow and step motion, varible speed
  • variable speed control: by rheostat
  • film loading: automatic threading
  • sound: no
  • motor: magnetic motor
  • power source: 120 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 130 W
  • weight: 
  • made in Japan by Bell Ko-On



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