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Argus Cosina STL 1000 camera

Argus Cosina STL 1000 camera

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This is a nice, tank-like SLR that uses the very common M42 lens mount (used in Pentax Spotmatic SLRs and many other types). It's in great working condition. All shutter speeds are working with good accuracy. It includes a sharp and fast Cosinon 50mm F1.7 lens that is in very good condition. A leather half-case is also included.


If you opt for camera only, one battery will be included (and installed); if you choose '+ battery' an extra zinc air battery will be added; if you choose '+ battery & film' you'll also get a 24-exposure roll of FujiColor 200 film will be added.

Condition notes

The camera is good working condition; it was tested with film and delivered sharp, correctly exposed images. In addition, its shutter speeds travel time and symmetry were tested as was its light meter. It's is in good aesthetic condition except for some wear on the body (see photos) and some dust in the viewfinder (does not affect photos).



See page 20 of the manual.

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