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Argus Cosina Model 704 Super 8 movie camera

Argus Cosina Model 704 Super 8 movie camera

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The Argus Cosina Model 704 is a high quality Japanese-made super 8 camera with a very sturdy metal body. In use, it feels somewhat reminiscent its better-known contemporary rival, the Canon AutoZoom 814.

The camera's Cosinon 9-36mm f1.8 lens is very sharp and easy to focus.

This camera's meter supports a wide range of Super 8 film speeds. It will accurately meter the following current Kodak Super 8 film types:

  • Tri-X
  • Ektachrome 100D
  • Vision 3 50D
  • Vision 3 200T

Condition notes
The camera was tested with a film cartridge (though the film was not developed), the film transport is working smoothly at all three speeds and the light meter is functioning correctly. The camera is in good aesthetic condition except for some minor discoloration where the original owner put dymo labels (see photos). Requires 4xAA batteries (not included) to power the camera and a 675 zinc air cell to power the light meter (included).

If you choose '+ batteries' an extra set of two 675 zinc air light meter batteries will be included.


  • marketed in 1970-72
  • silent super 8 cartridge
  • lens: Cosinon f: 1.8 \ F: 9-36 mm
  • zooming ratio: 4x
  • focusing: manual, aerial
  • zooming: auto and manual
  • viewfinder: single-lens reflex with adjustable eyepiece
  • viewfinder information: aperture scale, over and under-exposure warning
  • signal exposure: auto and manual exposure control; TTL EE, CdS photocell
  • film speed: auto for 25, 40 and 100 ASA only
  • filter: built-in 85A filter, automatically moved by movie light
  • filming speed: 12, 18, 24 fps, single frame
  • shutter opening angle: <180 degrees
  • sound: no
  • remote control socket: yes
  • 2 cable release sockets: single frame and continuous running
  • movie light socket: kodak type, filter retracting key
  • film counter: yes
  • handle: retractable pistol grip, chamber for penlight batteries
  • battery check button: yes
  • film drive motor: DC micromotor
  • power source: 4 x AA batteries / 1 x PX13, 1.3 V button cell for light meter
  • tripod socket: 1/4"
  • made in Japan by Cosina
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