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Yashica u-Matic 8mm movie camera

Yashica u-Matic 8mm movie camera

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The Yashica u-Matic is a very nice and high quality motor drive 8mm movie camera from 1961. The camera features reflex viewing/focusing. We recommend Fomapan R100 as an affordable, still-being-made double 8mm film for use this this camera.

The camera requires 4 x AA batteries (not included). The original manual is included but its cover page is missing. A detachable pistol grip is also included but the trigger sometimes sticks. 

Condition notes
The camera was tested with film installed (the film was not developed); the motor is running smoothly. The light meter is responding to light but we're unable to ascertain its accuracy. Most modern film is outside its metering range so we recommend using the manual exposure mode and a handheld light meter (or the 'Sunny 16' rule).  

Original catalog description
8-U-MATIC ZOOM  for really professional movie effects!

Give motion picture realism to your home movies with the latest addition to the
Yashica range of 8mm movie cameras
At the touch of a button the U-MATIC is driven by a tiny powerful electric micro-motor. Four inexpensive penlight cells provide power to expose up to 15 rolls of film!

  • Built-in film rewind mechanism for precision lap-dissolves, double exposures and other professional filming effects.
  • Pentaprism range/ viewfinder. Through- the-lens viewing for parallax-free composition with bright, unreversed ground glass image for viewing with two
  • ingenious wedge-shaped prisms for ground glass focusing. Accurate rangefinder--never falters.
  • Fully coupled automatic exposure control for filming speed and full range of colour or black-and-white films. The built-in exposure meter determines exposure and sets diaphragms automatically, for ASA 10-40 and THREE variable frame speeds.
  • Lens: Yashinon 9-28mm f 1.8 built-in zoom type with focusing range from 3.5ft. to infinity.
  • Three frame speeds: 8, 16, 24 fps.
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