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Yashica Editor Model III 8mm film viewer/editor

Yashica Editor Model III 8mm film viewer/editor

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 Note: movie reels that appear in some of the photos are for illustration only and are not included. 

This Yashica 'Editor Model II' is a very solidly built, mostly-metal editor/viewer for 8mm films. Please note that this is not a dual format editor, it is for regular 8mm aka double 8mm only and does not work with Super 8 films. The screen is bright and clear and its mechanical advance is smooth. 

An editor such as this is a very handy for triaging/determining whether movie reels are worthy of sending off to a scanning service. And since regular 8mm film is still being made (eg Fomapan R 100) so it can still be used for its original purpose!

Condition notes
The editor was tested with a movie reel and is working very well. It's in very good comsetic condition. 

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