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Vivitar Series 1 500PZ 35mm film camera similar to Leica Mini Zoom (serial BG3367463)

Vivitar Series 1 500PZ 35mm film camera similar to Leica Mini Zoom (serial BG3367463)

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The Vivitar Series 1 500PZ is an unusually elegant compact zoom point-and-shoot. So elegant in fact, it was also sold with only minor cosmetic differences as the Leica Mini Zoom (and Panasonic also sold it as the model C-2200ZM). It features a sharp 35-70mm zoom lens (7 elements in 6 groups) and nice ergonomics. We're particularly fond of its zoom switch design which doubles as a mode/frame counter LCD. 

This camera requires a CR123 lithium battery (available as an option).

Condition notes
The camera is in good cosmetic with only minor wear (see photos) and is in excellent functional condition. We ran film through the camera and tested all modes (we did not develop the film). In addition we verified the film plane focus accuracy on an autocollimator (the lens displayed excellent sharpness and resolving power for a 35mm compact zoom lens!). The original manual is included but is in somewhat worn condition. ,

Example photos
Here are some photos that other people who taken with the Series 1 500PZ:


  • Type: 35 mm lens shutter camera with built-in flash, zoom lens, and auto-focus
  • Film format: 24 mm x 36 mm, 135 film magazine (also adapted to the panorama size)
  • Lens: 35 - 70 mm zoom lens, F4 - F7.6 (7 elements in 7 groups)
  • Focusing: Automatic (with focus & infinity lock)
  • Focusing range: 0.6 m - infinity
  • Shutter: Programmed electronic control
  • Photographic modes and exposure control (ISO 100): AUTO or Fill-in flash (Programmed auto exposure). 35 mm: F4, 1/30 sec. (EV9) ~ F20. 1/300 sec. (EV17);  70 mm: F7.6, 1/50 sec. (EV11.6) ~ F25, 1/200 sec. (EV17. Fill-in flash/ SLOW or Flash-off (programmed auto exposure). 35 mm: F4, 1/4 sec. (EV6) - F20 1/300 sec. (EV17); 70 mm: F7.6, 1/4 sec (EV7.9) ~ F25, 1/200 sec. (EV17); Bulb exposure: 35 mm lens, less than approx. EV6; 70 mm lens, less than approx. EV8
  • Film-speed setting: DX automatic settings (ISO): 50, 100, 200, 400, 800(1000), 1600, 3200
  • Film loading: Automatic
  • Film advance: Automatic
  • Film rewind: Automatic film-end detection (mid-reel rewinding also possible)
  • Built-in flash: Automatic switchover flash with instant pre-charge system (light coverage varies automatically according to zoom lens position)
  • Flash operating range (ISO 100): 35 mm lens: 0.6-4.7 m; 70 mm lens: 0.6-3.3 m
  • Recycling time for the flash (with new battery): Approx. 5.0 sec.
  • Battery life (24 exposures with
  • new battery): Approx. 18 rolls (using the flash for approx. 50% of shots)
  • Power source: DC 3 V, lithium battery CR-123A or DL123A
  • Dimensions: 122(W) x 42(D) x 68.5(H) mm
  • Weight: Approx. 230 g without battery and film.
  • Self timer: Electronic, approx. 10 sec.
  • Viewfinder: Albada-type with bright frame and zoom
  • Spot-metering-oriented system with automatic sensing by difference between average light metering and spot metering
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