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Vivitar PZ8000 35mm camera w/ original box and manual

Vivitar PZ8000 35mm camera w/ original box and manual

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The Vivitar PZ8000 is a quality zoom 35mm film point-and-shoot from the late 1990s. It features a sophisticated zoom lens (38~120mm/F4.0~9.0, 10-elements in 8 groups) and a wide selection of modes and features. 

The camera requires a CR123 battery (available as an option). The original box as well as instruction manuals in English, French, and Spanish are included.  

Example photos
Here are a few photos that another person has taken with the PZ800 (note that these were all taken with very expired film, hence the darkness of the images) :


Condition notes
The camera was tested with film and a battery installed (it was not developed however) and it is working correctly. In addition we verified the camera's autofocus by checking the film plane focus on an autocollimator. The camera has some cosmetic wear, most notably the paint on the side is quite worn (see photos). The English and Spanish manuals are in very good condition but the French manual is quite worn with a coffee stain. 


  • Type: Fully-automatic 35mm lens shutter camera with power-zoom lens
  • Film type: 35mm DX film (IS 135) with ISO 50~3200 automatic sensing (1EV range)
  • Screen size: 24x36mm (Panorama 13x36mm)
  • Film loading: Automatic. Film automatically advances to position "1" when the back cover is closed.
  • Film winding: Automatic. After the shutter is released for exposure, film automatically advances to the next frame.
  • Film rewinding: Automatic. Film rewinds automatically after the last frame of the roll has been exposed. Mid-roll rewinding is available.
  • Frame number: Automatic numbering (Displayed on LCD panel)
  • Lens: 38~120mm/F4.0~9.0, 10-elements in 8 group of glass lenses (1 Aspherical lens included)
  • Shutter: Electronically programmed A shutter (1/4~1/330 sec.)
  • Bulb: 1 sec.~3 min.. until shutter release button is released.
  • Finder: Real-image type zoom finder with 81% of field of view ratio, 0.45-1.2 magnification,
  • autofocus frame, built-in Close-up correction marks and Super-macro correction marks
  • Diopter Adiustment: -3~+2 diopter adjustable
  • Lens cover: Operational by power switch, with built-in 3 min timer (automatic OFF function)
  • Flash G. No.: (Wide)11.0 (Tele) 12.5
  • Flash range (ISO 100): (Wide) 0.65~4.6 m/2.1~15.1 ft (Tele) 0.85~2.7 m/2.8-8 9 ft
  • Flash recycling time: About 4 sec.
  • Exposure adjustment range: -3~+3EV (by 0.5EV)
  • Multiple exposure: 2 or more exposures available
  • Interval shooting: Available in intervals of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 sec. and 2 or 3 min. (5 consecutive shots available)
  • Step zoom shooting: 2 or 3 different focal length shooting available within 45~120mm zoom range
  • Infinity lock shooting: Available
  • Battery warning: Battery exhaustion symbol appears when replacement is needed.
  • Power source: One 3V lithium batter (CR 123A or DL 123A)
  • Size: 128(W) x 73(H) × 60 (D)mm/5.0" x 2.9" x 2.4"
  • Weight: 310g/10.9oz (Without battery)
  • Panorama format shooting: Available (External dial type switch)
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