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Vintage Holga 120S medium format camera w/ original box, strap, and lens cap

Vintage Holga 120S medium format camera w/ original box, strap, and lens cap

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This is the classic, orginal Holga 120S zone focus medium format camera in all its imperfect glory. 

It uses 120 roll film (available in many brands and types from all good photography shops and online). This camera gives 16 shots per roll in the 6x4.5cm format. Some people are fond of removing the frame mask and so it gives 12 exposures in a 6x6cm format (this will increase the effect of any light lights and vignetting inherent in the Holga design).

This camera is a fully mechanical design that requires no batteries. For indoor or low light use, you must attach a flash to the camera's hot shoe (any normal one will do; we offer normal and bounce types as an option). 

Condition notes

This camera is in excellent condition. It appears as though the original owner never used it (the strap is still wrapped up). The shutter is firing correctly. We tested the hot shoe and it is triggering correctly. The original box shows considerable wear from storage and appears to have some water damage (the moisture didn't harm the camera which shows no signs of damage).

Example photos

Here are some pictures that other people have taken with the Holga 120S to give you an idea of its image quality:
Holga 120S Lomography gallery 


This is a later manual that offers real-world usage tips such as reducing light leaks (if that's what you want):
Holga 120S pdf


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