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Samsung Evoca 70SE 35mm film camera

Samsung Evoca 70SE 35mm film camera

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The Samsung Evoca 70 SE is a compact 35mm camera that features a quality Scheider-Kreuznach Variplan 35-70mm lens. This camera was also sold as the Rollei Prego 70 and the Samsung Vega 70i.

In testing we found the camera very easy to use. The only criticism we had with the camera's design is that the power button on the top is quite small and needs to be pressed firmly to switch on. 

We weren't able to locate the manual for this camera but it's a very intuitive camera to use. It requires a CR2 lithium battery (optional). 

Condition Notes
The camera is in good condition both in the terms of cosmetics (see photos) and functionality. All modes are working correctly.

Example photos
Here are some photos that other people have taken with this model of camera:

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