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Rollei P350AF 35mm slide projector

Rollei P350AF 35mm slide projector

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The Rollei P350AF is a stylish and premium quality 35mm slide projector with a built-in timer for automatic slide shows. It includes two slide trays (it uses standard European-style slide trays as used by Leica, Eumig, Gepe, Reflecta, and many other projector bands). Also included is a sharp, bright Rollei Heidosmat 85mm/f2.8 lens. The projector offers autofocus capability (in slide projector terms "autofocus" means the focus will be corrected for slides with different mount types). The top of the projector features a handy illuminated panel for identifying and sorting slides. The original Rollei carrying case is included. 

Please note that there is no remote control with this slide projector; the built-in timer can automatically set your slides to advance from 3 to 30 second intervals. 

Condition notes 
This Rollei P350AF was tested with 35mm slides of various types of mounts and performed smoothly and projected sharp, clean images. The interval timer is working perfectly as well. 

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