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Ricoh AF-55 compact 35mm film camera w/ case (serial 29235086)

Ricoh AF-55 compact 35mm film camera w/ case (serial 29235086)

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The Ricoh AF-55 is a very compact autofocus 35mm point-and-shoot camera from the late 1980s. This camera was a pleasure to test. We liked how the flash pops up automatically when it requires more light and how you can simply push down the flash when you don't want it to fire.

Here's how it Popular Photography described it (as the AF-45 moniker) in its January 1988 issue:

Just when you thought point-and-shoot 35s couldn’t get much smaller, along comes the Ricoh AF-45 (list price: $185), which measures 4 ¾ x 2 ½ x 1 ¾ inches. This palmable picture-taker has all  he features we’ve come to expect from today’s compact 35s—automatic exposure and focus, built-in electronic flash, and auto film transport and rewind—plus a self-timer, close focusing to 3.3 feet, and DX coding from ISO 100 to 1000.

Condition notes
The camera was film tested and the photos were sharp and correctly exposed. There was a minor amount of light leakage visible on the sprockets but did not enter the image area. All functions are working correctly. The camera is in very good cosmetic condition except that the leatherette trim fell off leaving a soft felt backing (see photos). In our opinion the felt looks nice but check the photos and judge for yourself. The included case is in somewhat worn condition.


    • Type: 35 mm lens shutter type with automatic focusing
    • Lens: 35 mm F3.9 Ricoh lens, 3 elements, 3 groups
    • Focusing: Automatic focusing distance measuring (shooting) range 1 m (3.3 ft.)-- infinity
    • Shutter: Programmed AE type electronic shutter, 1/30 --1/500 sec.
    • Self-Timer: Built-in electronic type. Operating delay of approx. 10 sec. with LED
    • Viewfinder: Albada type bright-frame viewfinder.
    • Magnification: 0.47X, Field of view 84%
    • Viewfinder Field of View Frame, Parallax Correction Mark,
    • Information: Auto Focus Frame
    • Exposure With Cds photocell, Exposure Coupling Range
    • Adjustment: EV 8.8--EV17 (ISO 100)
    • Film Speed Range: ISO 100—1000. Automatic setting the film speed with the DX-code system
    • Film Advance: Electric motor with Film Transport Monitor. Rewind: Automatic 1st frame setting. Automatic film rewind at the end of film
    • Film Loading: RICOH Auto-Load system
    • Exposure Counter: Additive, automatically resets to S when the camera back is opened
    • Built-in Flash: Automatic pop-up electronic flash in dim light
    • Guide Number: 100(ISO100, m). Exposure adjustment through flashmatic system
    • Interval Between: About 7 seconds
    • Flashes:
    • Number of Shots Possible: With new alkaline batteries (under normal temperature of 20°C) without using the flash unit: more than 70 rolls of 36 exposure film when using the flash unit repeatedly; more than 7 rolls of 36 exposure film
    • Power Source: 2 AA Alkaline batteries or 2 AA Manganese batteries (Nickel Cadmium batteries cannot be used)
    • Other Features: Flash Ready Light, Film Loaded Window
    • Dimensions: 118 mm (W) X 66 mm (H) X 45 mm (D)
    • Weight: 2359 (without batteries)
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