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Polaroid 420 Land Camera

Polaroid 420 Land Camera

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The Polaroid 420 Land Camera is a classic rangefinder folding instant camera designed to work with peel-apart pack film. The camera is is good aesthetic condition (see photos) and is functioning perfectly. The original manual and cold clip (used to help take instant photos in very cold weather) are included.

Some good news for instant film fans: Despite the fact that Fujifilm discontinued FP-100C peel-apart film, a new company has successfully created a new pack film and is accepting pre-orders now. Read more here: (FYI: Stocks of Fuji FP-100C are still widely available online).

The camera uses a 3v #532 alkaline batteries (not included) for the shutter. These batteries are available online for about $10. The manual says they should last one year. I found that using a common CR123A cell with the rubber band (like the kind you get with a bunch of broccoli) worked perfectly as a substitute. Alternatively, many people perform a simple mod to allow the camera to accept AA cells.


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