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Pentax MG 35mm SLR

Pentax MG 35mm SLR

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The Pentax MG is a classic 80s 35mm film SLR that is very similar to the better-known Pentax ME. The two cameras primarily differ in that the MG lacks a dedicated exposure compensation dial (the film speed selector does double duty as a exposure comp) and the MG also lacks a lock mode (off switch). In use, I found that the MG has a slightly different film door latch style where you need to pull up the film rewind crank to properly close the door. Otherwise, the two cameras feel virtually identical. The MG is a very easy to use and capable Pentax K-mount 35mm camera for people who do not require full manual controls. The included lens is a nice and sharp SMC Pentax 55mm f2.

Condition notes
The camera and lens (SMC Pentax 1:2 55mm) were tested with film and performed very well. In the automatic mode, I found the meter would sometimes take a moment to respond to changing light conditions but all the photos in my test were correctly exposed. Everything is in good aesthetic condition as well except for minor scuffing (see photos).

If you choose '+ batteries', two 357 silver oxide batteries will be installed; if you choose '+ batteries & film' you'll also get a 24-exposure roll of Fujicolor 200 film.


See final two pages of manual. 

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