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Pentax Espio Mini (UC-1) 35mm camera w/ case

Pentax Espio Mini (UC-1) 35mm camera w/ case

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The Pentax Espio Mini (or UC-1 as it also known) is one of the finest ultra-compact 35mm point-and-shoots ever made. It features a tack sharp, slight wide-angle 32mm f3.5 lens and a number of handy flash modes. 

The Espio Mini requires a CR123 lithium battery (available as an option).

Condition notes
We film-tested this camera and it produced sharp, correctly exposed images. We used TMax 400 film that expired in 1997 and the lens' excellent contrast cut through the base fog. The camera is also in very good cosmetic condition with the only noteworthy flaw being some wear on the battery cover at the bottom of the camera (see photos).


Example photos
Here are some pictures other people have taken with the Espio Mini/UC-1:


  • Type : 35mm fully automatic leaf-shutter camera with built-in auto flash.
  • Film : Auto film speed setting with 35mm perforated DX-coded film with ISO rating from 25 to 3200 V1EV step). Non-DX coded films are automatically set to ISO25.
  • Format: 24 X 36mm (13X36 in panoramic format).
  • Film winding : Auto film winding.
  • Film loading :  Auto film loading. Closing the back will automatically wind the film to first exposure.
  • Film rewinding : Auto start at the end of roll. Auto stop upon completion of rewinding.
  • Rewinding time : approx 20 sec. with 24-exposure film. Rewinding in mid-roll provided.
  • Frame number : Automatic readout of successive frame numbers in ascending order when shooting, and descending order when rewinding.
  • Lens : Pentax 32mm f/3.5 3 elements in 3 groups, Angle of view : 68°.
  • Focusing system : Pentax phase-matching autofocus system with focus lock. Range : 0.3m (1 ft) -infinity (Maximum magnification approx. 1/7X). Spotbeam is emitted in low light and/or hard-to-autofocus subject.
  • Shutter: Programmed AE electric shutter with speed approx. l/400sec. -2 sec. Bulb : 1/2 sec.-5 min., Electromagnetic release
  • Self timer : Electric red lamp indication. Approx. 10 sec. delay with LED indication. Cancellation after activation is possible.
  • Viewfinder : Actual image viewfinder : 85% field-of-view ratio. Magnification : approx. 0. 34X, Diopter : -ID, AF frame (blinking when subject is too close and/or hard-to-autofocus subject). Picture frame, Close distance compensation frame, Panoramic format picture area, Green lamp lighting : in-focus signal, Green lamp blinking : When subject is too close and/or hard-to-autofocus subject, Red lamp lighting : Flash-ready status, Red lamp blinking : Flash being charged.
  • Exposure control : Programmed auto-exposure control. Range : EV9.0-17 in Auto or Day-light-Synchro mode (ISO 100), EV2.6-17 in Siow-Shutter-Speed mode.
  • Exposure-meter switch : The exposure meter is turned on by half depression of the shutter release button.
  • Flash : Built-in auto flash with red-eye reduction mode, Automatic flash emission in low luminance or a backlight situation, Flash-ON = Daylight-Synchro/Slow-Shutter-Speed Synchro (up to 2 sec.), Flash-OFF = Flash override, Bulb-Synchro = 1/2 sec.-5 min.
  • Flash effective range : Flash recycling range : 0.3-3.7m (ISO 100 film used). Approx. 3 sec. under Pentax testing conditions.
  • Power source : One lithium battery CR123A or the equivalent.
  • Battery life : Approx. 30 rolls of 24 exposure film when 50% of shooting uses flash (under Pentax testing conditions).
  • Battery exhaustion  warning : ( battery icon ) appears on the LCD panel, Shutter is locked when the ( battery icon ) is blinking.
  • Size & weight : 107.0 (W)X58.0 (H)X35.0 (D), 4.2* X 2.3'X 1.4’ 155g (5.4oz) without Battery.

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