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Nikon F80 35mm film SLR

Nikon F80 35mm film SLR

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Includes AF Nikkor 70-300mm lens.

The Nikon F80 (sold as the N80 in the United States) was one of the most advanced and feature-packed 35mm film SLRs that Nikon ever made.

The included lens is the very versatile AF Nikkor 70-300 f4-5.6; this lens is still available new from Nikon:

If you choose '+ batteries', two CR123 3V lithium batteries will be installed. If you pick '+ batteries & film', a 24 exposure roll of Fujicolor 200 film well also be included.

Condition notes
Nearly all F80s suffer from a dreaded cosmetic condition where a very thin coating of synthetic rubber (which was in vogue in the mid to late 90s) goes sticky over time; I spent *hours and hours* cleaning off this coating from the body. It works very well now and feels good to the touch but there is some minor cosmetic scuffing on the hand grip and camera back (see photos). If you are extremely picky about the cosmetics of your cameras you might want to avoid this camera or any other related model (like the F100/N100). Apart from this, the camera and lens are in very good aesthetic condition and in perfect functional order. We tested the camera with film (including very demanding color slide film) and it performed perfectly.


  • Cross-ranged, five-area autofocus system
  • Choice of 1) Dynamic AF, 2) Closest-subject-priority Dynamic AF and 3) Single Area AF
  • Focus Tracking with Lock-On™
  • Vari-Brite Focus Area display provides at-a-glance AF-area confirmation
  • Built-in AF-Assist Illuminator
  • 3D Matrix Metering (with D-/G-type Nikkor lens)
  • Center-Weighted Metering and Spot Metering
  • Four exposure modes ([P], [S], [A], [M])
  • Built-in Speedlight: guide number 12/39 (ISO 100, m/ft.); 28mm lens coverage
  • 3D Multi-Sensor Balanced Fill-Flash capability
  • QD (F80D) and Data Imprint (F80S) versions
  • On-Demand Grid Lines can be displayed in viewfinder (with Custom setting #4)
  • Custom settings of 18 functions (19 functions with F80S)


See pages 106-109 of the manual.

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